kin selection
Evolution of Kin Discrimination
Ashley P. Taylor | Jul 6, 2015
A bacterium’s ability to distinguish self from non-self can arise spontaneously, a study shows, reigniting questions of whether the trait can be considered an adaptation.
Connecting the Dots
Anna Azvolinsky | Aug 1, 2014
Extending her initial studies of social wasps, Mary Jane West-Eberhard has spent her career probing the evolutionary relationship between social behavior and developmental flexibility.
The Upside of Suicide
Sabrina Richards | Mar 20, 2013
Researchers show that a bacterium’s self-sacrifice can benefit its community, even when the members are not strongly related.
Corina Tarnita: The Ant Mathematician
Jessica P. Johnson | Sep 1, 2011
Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows, Harvard University. Age: 28