neglected tropical diseases
New Drug Target for Three Tropical Diseases
Tracy Vence | Aug 9, 2016
Researchers efficiently clear mice of the parasites that cause leishmaniasis, Chagas disease, and sleeping sickness by inhibiting the parasites’ kinetoplastid proteasomes.
Study: Melioidosis Underreported
Catherine Offord | Jan 11, 2016
Researchers warn that a poorly understood, life-threatening tropical disease may be killing thousands more people than previously realized.
Opinion: Diagnostics for NTDs
Mark Kessel and Joseph Ndung’u | Aug 24, 2014
Developing treatments for neglected tropical diseases is only half the battle.
Are Leishmania Protecting their Sand Fly Hosts?
Ruth Williams | Jul 23, 2014
The microbial contents of sand fly stomachs may have important consequences for the spread of leishmaniasis.
Genome Digest
Tracy Vence | Apr 24, 2014
What researchers are learning as they sequence, map, and decode species’ genomes
Deep Doo-doo
Bob Grant | Jan 4, 2013
An open-access study explores the intricacies of parasite egg distribution and viability in human feces.
$785 Million for Tropical Diseases
Hannah Waters | Jan 31, 2012
A public-private partnership including 13 pharmaceutical companies pledge more than $785 million to fight neglected tropical diseases.