US Research Integrity Head Temporarily Leaves Post
Kerry Grens | Nov 21, 2017
Kathy Partin, whose staff had expressed concerns about changes she instituted, was reportedly asked to leave.
ORI Names New Director
Bob Grant | Dec 6, 2015
Neuroscientist Kathryn Partin will lead the US Office of Research Integrity.
Vaccine Fraudster Gets Jail Time
Bob Grant | Jul 6, 2015
The researcher who spiked rabbit blood with human antibodies to make an HIV vaccine look more effective is sentenced to 57 months in prison and must repay his National Institutes of Health grant.
HIV Scientist Pleads Guilty to Fraud
Bob Grant | Feb 26, 2015
A former Iowa State University researcher faces up to 10 years in prison for faking data involving a study of an HIV vaccine.
New Ruling on Old Misconduct Case
Jef Akst | Dec 10, 2014
The Office of Research Integrity has finally pointed the finger in a case of suspected data manipulation in a 2006 Science paper.
Gene Therapy Researcher Faked Data
Bob Grant | Apr 25, 2014
A former postdoc in a prominent gene therapy lab is branded a fraud by the US government more than three years after having a slew of papers retracted from various journals.
Top US Scientific Misconduct Official Quits
Bob Grant | Mar 14, 2014
The director of the Office of Research Integrity, the federal agency that investigates scientific misconduct, resigns after two years on the job.
Misconduct Around the Globe
Richard Smith and Tracey Koehlmoos | Jun 1, 2013
Research misconduct is not limited to the developed world, but few countries anywhere are responding adequately.
Scientist Fabricates Cancer Data
Megan Scudellari | Jun 1, 2012
A postdoc at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital is found guilty of falsifying his findings in a lung cancer study.
Misconduct Hearing Granted
Hannah Waters | Mar 9, 2012
A cancer researcher charged with scientific misconduct in 2011 may have the right to present his defense—a rare occurrence under current regulations.
Neuroscientist Guilty of Misconduct
Hannah Waters | Feb 28, 2012
Michael Miller is found guilty of research misconduct, having misconstrued data in four NIH grants, two papers, and one manuscript.
Multitude of Misconducts
Megan Scudellari | Feb 2, 2012
A database manager stole NIH grant funds, falsified data, and lied about it.
Neurosurgery Resident Plagiarized Research
Bob Grant | Nov 7, 2011
A physician doing a residency at the University of Virginia Medical Center was caught copying sections of text and an illustration in multiple NIH-funded papers.
Cancer Researcher Fabricated Data
Jessica P. Johnson | Aug 11, 2011
Sheng Wang leaves the Boston University School of Medicine and agrees to retract two published studies.
Canned for whistleblowing?
Megan Scudellari | Jun 9, 2011
Postdoc forced to leave position after questioning the reproducibility of advisor's data.
Life After Fraud
Alison McCook | Jul 1, 2009
You put your name into Google, and the first entry is about a transgression from 20 years ago, the penalty for which only lasted three years. Now you can't get a job.