paper-based tests
Rapid Blood-Type Test
Jef Akst | Mar 16, 2017
Researchers describe a paper-based blood test that can determine a person’s blood type in just two minutes.
Diagnosing Ebola in 15 Minutes
Jef Akst | Jun 30, 2015
A new test that scans for the Ebola virus with just a fingerprick could be a practical diagnostic for use in West Africa.
Next Generation: Freeze-Dried Gene Networks
Jef Akst | Oct 23, 2014
Researchers devise a way to preserve bits of paper containing synthetic gene networks, which can be easily stored and widely distributed. Rehydrated, transcription and translation “come to life.”
A Dime a Dozen
Megan Scudellari | Jan 1, 2013
Affordable diagnostic tests tackle the world’s most pressing health problems.