paper wasp
Genes Tied to Wasps Recognizing Faces
Ashley P. Taylor | Jun 14, 2017
The brains of Polistes paper wasps express different genes when identifying faces than when distinguishing between simple patterns, a study finds.
Image of the Day: Trade Deals
The Scientist Staff | Jan 24, 2017
The forces of supply and demand appear influence paper wasp (Polistes dominula) populations. When more nest options are available, helper wasps work fewer hours to earn membership in a colony.
Yeasts Mate in Wasp Guts
Catherine Offord | Jan 18, 2016
The insects’ insides provide a favorable environment for outcrossing in domestic and wild yeast strains, scientists show.
Seirian Sumner: Wasp Whisperer
Cristina Luiggi | Aug 1, 2011
Research Fellow, Institute of Zoology, London. Age: 37