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Marine Protected Areas Aren’t Protected Against Climate Change
Marine Protected Areas Aren’t Protected Against Climate Change
Ashley Yeager | May 7, 2018
If left unchecked, greenhouse gas emissions will drive ocean temperatures up, affecting wildlife in these regions.
“Yeti” Just a Himalayan Bear?
“Yeti” Just a Himalayan Bear?
Jenny Rood | Mar 17, 2015
Latest analysis suggests the yeti is a known bear species, not the new, hybrid species suggested by a previous study.
Going with the Flow
Going with the Flow
Jenny Rood | Jan 7, 2015
An analysis of polar bear genes corroborates the mammals’ recent migration to icier climes.
Playing Sides on Arctic Research
Hayley Dunning | Aug 13, 2012
A polar bear researcher is being investigated for opposing oil and gas industry research initiative in the Arctic, while supporting a similar proposal from NOAA.
The Polar Bear’s Prehistoric Past
Ed Yong | Jul 23, 2012
Genomic analyses reveal that the polar bear evolved between 4 and 5 million years ago, far earlier than previous studies had estimated.
Polar Bear More Ancient Than Realized
Jef Akst | Apr 20, 2012
A genetic analysis reveals that the polar bear split from the brown bear some 600,000 years ago.
More Questions about Polar Bear Researcher
Tia Ghose | Aug 12, 2011
An investigation into a polar bear scientist’s suspension raises more questions than it answers.