Quorum sensing
Premature Assault?
Jef Akst | Feb 9, 2016
Plants may trick bacteria into attacking before the microbial population reaches a critical size, allowing the plants to successfully defend the weak invasion.
Quorum-Sensing Molecule Modifies Gut Microbiota
Anna Azvolinsky | Mar 19, 2015
Increasing the abundance of a chemical some microbes use to communicate with one another can help reinstate beneficial bacterial populations in the guts of antibiotic-treated mice. 
Bioluminescence Researcher Dies
Jef Akst | Aug 12, 2014
Harvard biochemist J. Woodland Hastings, who first theorized about quorum sensing in the late 1960s, succumbed to pulmonary fibrosis last week at age 87.
Hear Ye, Hear Ye
Sarah C.P. Williams | May 1, 2014
Tools for tracking quorum-sensing signals in bacterial colonies
Your Brain on Art
Mary Beth Aberlin | May 1, 2014
A new scientific discipline investigates the neurology underlying the experience and the creation of beauty.