TS Picks
TS Picks: April 7, 2017
Bob Grant | Apr 7, 2017
Consortium pushes for open citation data; Gates Foundation launches open-access publishing platform; Cell Press lifts the veil on papers under consideration; an online widget circumvents some paywalls
TS Picks: March 30, 2017
Tracy Vence | Mar 30, 2017
Obama administration’s science advisers stick together; “allies confident” NIH Director Francis Collins can dissuade Congress from approving drastic budget cuts; how Brexit may affect scientists
TS Picks: March 23, 2017
Tracy Vence | Mar 23, 2017
Reacting to the White House budget proposal; tracking “attacks on science”
TS Picks: Trump’s First Week in Office
Joshua A. Krisch | Jan 25, 2017
Gag orders at key science agencies were reportedly given, rescinded, and denied. Meanwhile, scientists say they are organizing a march on Washington. 
TS Picks: November 14, 2016
Tracy Vence | Nov 13, 2016
Trust in scientific experts; trying open peer review; who will lead HHS?
TS Picks: November 9, 2016
The Scientist Staff | Nov 8, 2016
US elections edition
TS Picks: October 24, 2016
Tracy Vence | Oct 24, 2016
Theranos’s bad blood tests; presidential science lessons; “three-parent” babies
TS Picks: October 13, 2016
Tracy Vence | Oct 13, 2016
Forgotten bacterium; talc and cancer risk; innocuous mutations
TS Picks: September 26, 2016
Tracy Vence | Sep 27, 2016
World leaders agree to fight superbugs; researchers edit human embryos; peer reviewers’ motivations
TS Picks: September 19, 2016
Tracy Vence | Sep 18, 2016
Human-Neanderthal inbreeding; “personal genetics” is a family matter; studying city-dwelling rats; science reporting without embargoes
TS Picks: August 25, 2016
Tracy Vence | Aug 25, 2016
Brain’s energy needs and human decision-making; science and the US presidential election; modifying Cas9; regulating lab-made meat, milk
TS Picks: August 1, 2016
Tracy Vence | Aug 1, 2016
Anti-Zika potential of already-approved drugs; problems with animal studies; recognizing the contributions of grad students and postdocs
TS Picks: June 20, 2016
Bob Grant | Jun 20, 2016
Excellence schmexellence; thinking outside the biomedical box; homeopathy journal sunk by self-citation
TS Picks: May 10, 2016
Tracy Vence | May 10, 2016
CRISPR therapy not ready for prime time; FDA drops a scope recall; next-generation sleep research; how to shave an ant
TS Picks: April 26, 2016
Tracy Vence | Apr 26, 2016
Big win for scientist who appealed grant rejection; human mycobiome in the spotlight; one nutritionist’s early stand against excess sugar; Creative Commons licenses and science publishing
TS Picks: March 31, 2016
Tracy Vence | Mar 31, 2016
Aedes aegypti genome collaboration unites competitors; DIY CRISPR; Pinterest for academics 
TS Picks: March 16, 2016
Kerry Grens | Mar 16, 2016
Corrections give belated credit for immunotherapy; mosquitoes have been bugging us long before Zika; the bright side of irreproducibility 
TS Picks: March 15, 2016
Tracy Vence | Mar 15, 2016
Profile of a CRISPR pioneer; SciHub, open access, and for-profit publishing; improving ecological models
TS Picks: March 9, 2016
Tracy Vence | Mar 9, 2016
CRISPR-edited animals; reasons for retractions; biotech in Austin
TS Picks: March 2, 2016
Tracy Vence | Mar 2, 2016
Online manuscript-editing marketplace; backyard bald eagles; “take your child to the lab”