Ned Shaw

Here at Snapshot Central, global headquarters of the Snapshot section of The Scientist, it's been a hectic year. After months of effort from the Statistics Department, the Survey Division, and the Graphics Group, we have analyzed a year's worth of results in our attempt to dissect, diagnose, and define the average scientist. And what have our efforts revealed?

By combining responses of more than 10,000 scientists to 23 surveys conducted this year, we can safely conclude that the average scientist is a well-rounded, talented, cultured, and very busy individual--a far cry from the stereotypically introverted, obsessed, uncultured, antisocial person often portrayed in movies and on television.

More than 50% of the readers who responded to our surveys ...

  • publish more than two papers per year
  • belong to at least one scientific society
  • are partnered with, or married to, a nonscientist
  • watch news, documentaries, and movies on TV...

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