By Eric Albert

1 Middle membrane covering the brain and spinal cord
9 Innermost ear ossicle
10 Bursa, for example
11 Granting org.
12 Portion of an interrupted gene represented in the RNA product
13 Abnormal respireatory sound
14 Person with Y chromosome
16 More than 50% of the dry weight of most cells
17 Element discovered in 1751
20 Sort of sample
22 Gum
25 Certain immunoglobulins
27 Neurotransmitter
28 Phloem + periderm
31 Start codon
32 Initial object?
33 Newt, orderwise
34 Red tide organism
2Amoeba's phylum
3Skin hardening and thickening
4Kidney filtering and excretory unit
5Substance whose secretion is increased by arginine
6Experimentees, often
8Automatic action
9Consciousness state that produces delta waves
15Radiation shield
18Color photoreceptor
19AIDS screening component
21Pain in the neck, perhpas
22Surface feature of a healing...

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