By Eric Albert

1 Pertaining to cell destruction
4 Y-shaped protein molecule
9 Lymphocyte developed in the thymus
10 Energy process need; abbr.
11 Organ of _____ (cochlea structure)
12 Be a chip off the old block, genetically
13 Pavlovian response result
15 Pioneer in radioactivity study
18 Growing without cultivation
19 Canal that conveys a body fluid
20 One DNA technology goal
24 Localized, abnormal change in the body
25 Prophase point
28 Rust, for one
29 Two-level acronym for a syndrome
30 Jejunum, _____, cecum
31 Roundworm
32 Dual degree; abbr.
1 Bipolar disorder treatment
2 Adults have 12 more, on average
3 4.1840 joules
4 Make an evolutionary change
5 Field on a blood donation form
6 Of the cheek
7 Theory of natural selection developed by Alfred Wallace
8 Molecule that binds to a receptor
14 Muridae members
16 Pertaining to the...

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