By Eric Albert

1 Reverse transcriptase product: abbr
4 Newt's class
10 It goes from 0 to 14
11 Result of an experiment
12 Fluid-filled body cavity
13 Bleaching agent
15 Amino acid found in wool
16 Prefix for trillion
19 It's yielded by glucose glycolysis: abbr
21 The supercollider and it ilk, popularity
24 Tube protruding from the cecum
25 Product part
27 Substance not chemically separable into simpler substances
28 O, to some
29 Graviton or gluon, e.g.
30 Alveolus secretion
2 Take a cut at?
3 Opposite of catabolic
4 _____ test (mutagen detector)
5 Type of hydrolyzing enzyme
6 Noncoding segment of DNA
7 Modified base that can bind with U,C, or A
8 Typical animal
9 Iron-containing pigment
14 Bacterial destroyer
17 Deviating from the normal type
18 Its atomic number is 22
20 Order of flies
22 _____ selection

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