The Pioneer Platform features a state-of-the-art phage display library engineered to include more than 200 billion unique sequences and capable of identifying high-affinity antibody candidates using our newly developed proprietary SpyDisplay selection technology. The Pioneer Antibody Library is optimized for candidates that are suitable for drug development.

Tailored to each client’s specific requirements, the Bio-Rad Pioneer Antibody Discovery Platform uses proprietary TrailBlazer™ technology to provide prototypes of therapeutic antibodies in a multitude of formats for streamlined lead identification. Final IgG antibodies will be delivered functionally characterized with a complete data package and sequences. Customers will have exclusivity and ownership of antibody sequences.

“The commercial launch of Pioneer Platform demonstrates Bio-Rad's focus on supporting the biotherapeutic space,” said Dr. John Cardone, Bio-Rad Marketing Manager, Custom Antibodies, Life Science Group. “With decades of experience in antibody discovery, our team of scientists and technical specialists accelerate and simplify the process to identify functional biologics for the targets of interest.”