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Wednesday, May 11th, 2022
2:30 - 3:30 PM Eastern Time

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Pluripotent stem cells can self-renew indefinitely in culture while maintaining the ability to become almost any cell type in the human body. The derivation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from somatic cells has revolutionized the field of regenerative medicine. Patient-derived iPSCs serve as an invaluable reservoir of pluripotent cells, which researchers can differentiate into immune-compatible target cells and transplant to treat various genetic and degenerative diseases. iPSC derived cells also hold great promise for disease modeling in vitro and drug discovery. However, using iPSCs successfully depends on precise and reproducible reprogramming of somatic cells.

In this Technique Talk, Ritu Kumar will reveal how to optimize somatic cell reprogramming to reliably produce iPSCs for a wide range of applications.

Learning Objectives

  • How to derive iPSCs
  • The process of somatic cell reprogramming
  • Applications of iPSCs

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Meet the Instructor:

Ritu Kumar, PhD
Director, Stem Cell Core
Gladstone Institutes
San Francisco, California