Scientists at Aerosol Research and Engineering Labs (ARE Labs) are using the VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette from INTEGRA Biosciences to increase the throughput of their bioaerosol detection protocols. This innovative pipette is speeding up serial dilutions and microbial plating, allowing the team to efficiently test the ability of purifiers to reduce the presence of microbes in circulating air.

Andrew Dexter, a Staff Research Scientist at ARE Labs, explained: “We work with the manufacturers of residential and industrial air purifying systems to independently validate their decontamination claims. Our protocols for detecting aerosolized microbes involve a range of repetitive pipetting – including mixing reagents, serial dilutions and plating out – for hundreds of dissolved air samples, which is a cumbersome and error-prone task if performed manually. The VOYAGER has streamlined and accelerated our workflows significantly. Its automatic adjustable tip spacing feature allows us to effortlessly transfer samples between racks of different sizes, and the GripTip pipette tips ensure a firm seal, preventing any leaks and maintaining sterility.”

Andrew continued: “The user interface is self-explanatory and comprehensive, and it made the learning process interactive. The predefined protocols are very well designed, and the option to create 40 more custom programs using the simple touch wheel ensures accuracy and reproducibility. The ergonomic benefits of the VOYAGER to users, particularly in terms of preventing physical strain caused by repeated pipetting actions, further smoothed this transition. After using the VOYAGER, I am now keen to implement the PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controller in our workflow, and we have also been able to upgrade most of our old manual pipettes by exchanging them for newer, better INTEGRA versions! I like all the INTEGRA products I’ve used, and we have rarely encountered technical issues. I appreciate their cost effectiveness and utility across most laboratory applications.”

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