The Scientist is excited to announce the establishment of The Scientist Social Club. In these trying times, escaping into the pages of a good book, a beautifully crafted film, or other works of art has become more important than ever. And convening to discuss these cultural elements reminds us that we are all in this together. We hope to connect with readers and with the life science community on a regular basis, using books, movies, music, and more as touchstones and conversation starters.

Our first activity is a book club, centered on Sinclair Lewis’s 1925 novel Arrowsmith, which follows the career of physician/researcher Martin Arrowsmith as he navigates the realities of the medical profession and a disease outbreak, and discuss it as we go.

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Those of you interested in participating in the book club can join The Scientist Social Club Facebook Group, where...

Members of the book club are invited to ask Parry and Eisenman questions, share observations, and learn more about the importance of the novel in the context of our current crisis.

Please get your copy of the book and then make your way to The Scientist Social Club Facebook Group and join in the book club. Stay tuned for details on the September 25 event.

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