LevitasBio Inc. today announced the launch of their LeviPrepTM and LeviSelectTM product lines.  Developed to work with the LeviCellTM system, these solutions streamline the processing of human and mouse tissue and cell samples used in advanced [MM1] biological research.

LeviPrep Elevates Single Cell Sample Processing

Sub-optimal sample dissociation introduces bias and degrades downstream single cell sequencing analyses. The new LeviPrep products are fine-tuned for primary tissue sample processing and ease the creation of single cell suspensions while minimizing perturbations. The maintenance of native cellular states, minimization of cell death and no bias or alterations in sample phenotype can now be achieved. With pre-optimized protocols for challenging samples like brain, liver and lung tissues, researchers can obtain healthy and highly viable cells. When paired with the LeviCell system, researchers can generate high quality input samples, free of the debris or contaminants that presently confound downstream analytical studies.  

LeviSelect Modulates Levitation Height of Purified Cells

The LeviSelect products enrich for target cells by modifying their native levitation profiles with antibody conjugated particles of different density or magnetism. An example is the depletion of unwanted cells via antibody conjugated magnetic nanospheres. Unique to the LeviCell workflow, this method of target selection occurs in parallel with label-free viable cell enrichment, delivering a revolutionary approach that integrates multiple steps in the laboratory workflow, reduces cell loss and excessive handling time, and maintains the sample’s native biological state.

Initial LeviPrep and LeviSelect products will ship in in the first half of this year, with expansion to broader sample and target specific formulations planned for future releases.