Mix-n-Stain™ Total Protein Prestain Kits are a new method for super-sensitive protein quantitation by SDS-PAGE or western blot. Using the kits, you can quickly and easily label proteins in lysates or purified proteins with near-infrared CF® dyes before electrophoresis and blotting. The labeling can detect as little as 1 ng protein in an SDS-PAGE gel.

Mix-n-Stain™ prestaining eliminates the challenge of choosing an unbiased internal control for western blot normalization. Plus, total protein staining with Mix-n-Stain™ prestain shows superior linearity for western normalization compared to housekeeping proteins. Mix-n-Stain™ Protein Prestain Kits come with your choice of two near-IR fluorescent CF® dye colors.

Highly sensitive protein quantitation in gels or blots

Easily label proteins or cell lysates before SDS-PAGE, no purification required

Detect as little as 1 ng protein

Superior linearity for western normalization compared to housekeeping proteins

CF®680T for Typhoon™ Cy®5/IR Short channels or Odyssey® 700 channel

CF®770T for Typhoon™...

Low cost trial sizes available

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