The first automated, web-based application that enables routine use of enzymatic digestions to improve N-glycan structural analyses, GlycanAnalyzer, has been released from New England Biolabs (NEB). This software not only saves precious time for glycoanalysts who are more attuned to traditional methods, but also provides the most accurate interpretation of exoglycosidase digestion data on the market. 

N-glycan structure plays a critical role in numerous physiological and pathological processes, making N-glycan structural profiling imperative to biotherapeutic development and quality control. Exoglycosidases can be used to significantly improve the accuracy of N-glycan structure determination using UPLC-FLR-MS analysis. However, interpretation of such analyses, until now, has been performed manually and can take anywhere from several days to several weeks to complete. 

The new GlycanAnalyzer software pattern matches UPLC-FLR-MS peak shifts of released N-glycans following exoglycosidase digestions and automates structure assignments, which no other commercial offerings can do at the moment. It then presents...

NEB performed a quality test of GlycanAnalyzer using a monoclonal antibody and four glycan standards and found that:

  • 100% of peaks were correctly assigned using the technology, compared to only 81% with the leading competitor

  • Using GlycanAnalyzer’s ‘Assign Top 5’ option (which returns the top 5 peak movements of the sample), all assignments were returned in only 20 minutes

These results indicate that GlycanAnalyzer is not only the most accurate tool of its kind, but it will also shave days off of data interpretation for glycoanalysts in many cases.  Further, the capabilities of GlycanAnalyzer enable facile use of exoglycosidases to improve the quality and accuracy of N-glycan structure profiling.

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