animal rights
Lab Animals Lose Transportation
Edyta Zielinska | Sep 24, 2012
FedEx and UPS make further restrictions on their shipments of animals for experimental use.
Surgical Art
Cristina Luiggi | Jun 1, 2012
InĀ 1929 and 1930, Johns Hopkins Medical School surgeon Warfield Firor carried out a series of experiments to determine how long blood could flow between animals with joined circulatory systems. Without using any anti-coagulants, Firor attempted to es
The Blood Exchange, Circa 1930
Cristina Luiggi | Jun 1, 2012
Early 20th century cross circulation experiments on dogs paved the way for milestones in human cardiac surgery.
Lab Animal Transport Ends
Hannah Waters | Mar 15, 2012
The last company that ferried research animals into the UK halted service after pressure from an animal rights group.
PETA Buys Chimp Lab Stock
Tia Ghose | Dec 22, 2011
The animal rights organization purchases shares of a research facility in a bid to end chimpanzee testing at the facility.