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Influential Tissue Engineering Researcher Dies
Influential Tissue Engineering Researcher Dies
Jyoti Madhusoodanan | Sep 16, 2014
Dame Julia Polak, who pioneered lung tissue engineering techniques, has passed away at age 75.
Your Brain on Art
Your Brain on Art
Mary Beth Aberlin | May 1, 2014
A new scientific discipline investigates the neurology underlying the experience and the creation of beauty.
<em>The Scientist</em> on The Pulse, March 21
The Scientist on The Pulse, March 21
Kerry Grens | Mar 24, 2014
Big Bang ripples, ancient moss revived, and lab-made heart tissue
Get a Whiff of This
Kerry Grens | Sep 1, 2012
Can electronic noses come close to the real thing?
Replacement Parts
Ed Yong | Aug 1, 2012
To cope with a growing shortage of hearts, livers, and lungs suitable for transplant, some scientists are genetically engineering pigs, while others are growing organs in the lab.
Bio-engineered Jellyfish Swim
Hayley Dunning | Jul 22, 2012
Researchers create a swimming jellyfish mimic by reverse-engineering the creature's pumping action, paving the way for new methods of engineering replacement organs.