asexual reproduction
Genome Digest
Genome Digest
Kate Yandell | Aug 1, 2013
What researchers are learning as they sequence, map, and decode species’ genomes
Wild and Sexless
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 17, 2012
Scientists find snakes give “virgin birth” in the wild for the first time
Hacking the Genome
Karen Hopkin | May 31, 2012
In pondering genome structure and function, evolutionary geneticist Laurence Hurst has arrived at some unanticipated conclusions about how natural selection has molded our DNA.
Self-cloning Coral
Hannah Waters | Mar 1, 2012
Coral embryos broken apart by waves can continue developing into adult clones.
Coral Clones
Hannah Waters | Mar 1, 2012
The colorful and fragile start to the life of a living reef