brain metabolism
Alzheimer’s Gene Affects Energy Consumption in Mouse Brains
Sukanya Charuchandra | Oct 1, 2018
One variant limited the brain’s ability to use glucose.
Quantifying Consciousness
Tanya Lewis | May 26, 2016
Overall brain metabolic rate can distinguish between pathological states of human consciousness, a study shows.
Study: Faster Metabolism Boosted Human Brains
Tanya Lewis | May 5, 2016
Humans burn calories faster than any other primate, researchers report.
Jenny Rood | Mar 1, 2015
Meet some of the people featured in the March 2015 issue of The Scientist.
Age-Old Questions
Mary Beth Aberlin | Mar 1, 2015
How do we age, and can we slow it down?
Brains in Action
Anna Azvolinsky | Nov 1, 2014
An inspiring lecturer turned Marcus Raichle’s focus from music and history to science. Since then, he has pioneered the use of imaging to study how our brains function.