cell transport mechanisms
Image of the Day: Nuclear Pore Complex
Image of the Day: Nuclear Pore Complex
The Scientist Staff | Mar 20, 2018
The structure has a stress-resilient architecture reminiscent of suspension bridges.
Nobel Prize–Winning Biologist Dies
Nobel Prize–Winning Biologist Dies
Catherine Offord | Feb 20, 2018
Günter Blobel, known for his work on the signal hypothesis of protein targeting, has died from cancer at age 81.
Sharing the Load
Sharing the Load
Dan Cossins | May 1, 2013
By varying the size of their steps, dynein motor proteins work effectively as teams to carry heavy loads around the cell.
Alzheimer’s Mice Still Available
Jessica P. Johnson | Aug 17, 2011
Dropped from a patent lawsuit, at least one lab will be allowed to continue research on mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease.
Making the Gradient
Karen Hopkin | May 26, 2011
Ron Kaback didn’t believe that electrochemical gradients could power the transport of sugars and amino acids across cell membranes—until he proved that they do.
Kelly Rae Chi | Feb 1, 2011
Tricks for probing a cell’s moving parts