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Medical Marijuana for Kids?
Medical Marijuana for Kids?
Aimee Swartz | Jul 17, 2013
The drug has brought relief to children suffering from cancer and other serious ailments, but getting access is often limited by considerable regulatory hurdles.
Anthrax Vax Test OK for Kids
Anthrax Vax Test OK for Kids
Jef Akst | Mar 19, 2013
A presidential bioethics commission lays out the framework for testing the anthrax vaccine in children.
What it Takes to Develop Better Drugs for Kids
J. Steven Leeder | Feb 29, 2012
Over the past 15 years, new laws and regulations in the United States and the European Union have expanded to require the inclusion of pediatric patients in clinical drug trials.  
How Drugs Interact with a Baby’s Parts
Edyta Zielinska | Feb 29, 2012
A lot changes in a child’s body over the course of development, and not all changes occur linearly: gene expression can fluctuate, and organs can perform different functions on the way to their final purpose in the body. Here are some of the key deve
Child-Proofing Drugs
Edyta Zielinska | Feb 29, 2012
When children need medications, getting the dosing and method of administration right is like trying to hit a moving target with an untried weapon.
Kiddy Meds
Cristina Luiggi | Jan 19, 2012
Hundreds of new drugs for kids are in the horizon