Image of the Day: Revved Up
Image of the Day: Revved Up
Sukanya Charuchandra | Aug 16, 2018
Progesterone helps in the transportation of eggs within the mouse reproductive system.
Primary Cilia in Neurons Linked to Obesity
Primary Cilia in Neurons Linked to Obesity
Abby Olena | Jan 8, 2018
Three studies—one of mice and two of human genetics—describe the role of two proteins, adenylyl cyclase and melanocortin 4 receptor, in the development of obesity and diabetes. 
Taking the Long View
Karen Hopkin | Sep 1, 2012
In exploring how embryos take shape, John Wallingford has identified a key pathway involved in vertebrate development—and human disease.
Of Frogs and Embryos
Karen Hopkin | Sep 1, 2012
Associate Professor in Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology at the University of Texas at Austin, John Wallingford, makes his living using cutting-edge microscopic techniques to watch developmental events unfold in real time.
Next Generation: Ciliated Sensor
Sabrina Richards | Jul 30, 2012
Researchers create a sensitive, flexible mechanosensor with possible applications in biomedical sensing and artificial skin technology.
News from Cell
Cristina Luiggi | Dec 9, 2011
Some of the highlights from this year’s American Society for Cell Biology meeting, held earlier this week
The Ninefold Ring
Richard P. Grant | Jul 1, 2011
Editor’s Choice in Structural Biology