UK Judges Receive Primers on Forensic Science
Catherine Offord | Mar 1, 2018
Scientists in the U.K., in collaboration with members of the judiciary, have launched the first in a series of explanatory documents designed to help integrate science into the courtroom.
Opinion: Brain Scans in the Courtroom
Andreas Kuersten | Nov 23, 2015
Advances in neuroimaging have improved our understanding of the brain, but the resulting data do little to help judges and juries determine criminal culpability.
Catching Criminals
Beth Marie Mole | Apr 1, 2013
A tactic designed to nab repeat offenders also pinpoints the source of infectious diseases and invasive species.
Brain Activity Predicts Re-arrest
Dan Cossins | Mar 27, 2013
Researchers demonstrate that brain activity in response to a decision-making challenge predicts the likelihood that released prisoners will be re-arrested.
A Call for Gun-Violence Research
Edyta Zielinska | Jan 14, 2013
More than 100 scientists signed a letter asking government to increase research on gun violence.
Neuroscience Not Ready for the Courtroom
Tia Ghose | Dec 14, 2011
Certain neuroscience techniques are not robust enough to be used as evidence in a trial, a new report says.
Criminal genes
Cristina Luiggi | Jun 22, 2011
Experts come together to revisit the controversial field of genetics and criminology.