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Freestyle fMRI
Freestyle fMRI
Beth Marie Mole | Nov 21, 2012
Brain scans of rap artists taken during improvised performances provide a snapshot of creative flow.
Beth Marie Mole | Oct 19, 2012
A scientist-turned-artist cultures bacteria into art.
Bugging the Digital World
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 28, 2012
Young entrepreneurs are creating a digital, 3-D encyclopedia of insects that doubles as a free field guide.
Stalking Sharks
Jef Akst | Aug 30, 2012
Researchers monitor the movement of the Pacific’s largest predators and share the information with the world in real time.
Curiouser and Curiouser
Kenneth C. Catania | Aug 23, 2012
A review of the new book Curious Behavior, which delves into the quirks of human conduct.
A Cloud for Bats
Hayley Dunning | Aug 2, 2012
A unique habitat seeks to bring awareness to a disease decimating populations of the flying mammals.
Designing Bat Homes
The Scientist Staff | Aug 2, 2012
Strung between a cluster of trees in a quiet nature reserve in Buffalo, New York, is a collection of large, metal pods. For now, they are quiet day and night, but the pods' architect, Joyce Hwang, hopes that in future twilights, they will be buzzing
The Science of Van Gogh
Hannah Waters | Apr 5, 2012
The Dutch artist's sunflower paintings have attracted the attention of doctors and geneticists.
Cerebral Beauty
Hannah Waters | Mar 15, 2012
Cap off your celebration of Brain Awareness Week with some artistic applications of neuroscience.
Building Flowers
Building Flowers
Jef Akst | Feb 16, 2012
An architecture graduate constructs intricate botanical illustrations using the computer graphics programs intended to design buildings.