culture Friday
Slime Mold in Residence
Ashley P. Taylor | Mar 2, 2018
At Hampshire College, students and faculty use the amoeba Physarum polycephalum—both a “visiting scholar” and a model organism—to examine human societal and political quandaries.  
DNA as an Artistic Medium
Kate Yandell | Oct 26, 2016
An artist creates images on electrophoresis gels using exhibition visitors’ pooled genetic material.
Double Take: Science-Inspired Art
Ashley P. Taylor | Oct 24, 2016
An ongoing exhibition at Pace University in New York City features paintings and sculptures that relate to math, physics, and biology.
Five Days, Five Science Plays
Chris Tachibana | Jul 1, 2016
Seattle-based science writers and playwrights collaborated to produce theatrical works in a week.
Invertebrates “All Around Us”
Tracy Vence | Jun 12, 2016
Artists and scientists collaborate to highlight the importance of insects and arachnids.
Anti-Vax Flick Pulled from Film Festival
Tracy Vence | Mar 28, 2016
Tribeca Film Festival organizers reverse their decision to screen a documentary by discredited researcher Andrew Wakefield.
Simulating Scientific Sabotage, For Fun
Tracy Vence | Jan 29, 2016
With a card game, researchers make light of the “wacky aspects of scientific research.”
Channeling Animals
Molly Sharlach | Nov 24, 2015
Artists reinterpret structures built by birds, insects, and corals in a new exhibit.
Exploring the Inner Universe
Ashley P. Taylor | Nov 6, 2015
A new American Museum of Natural History exhibit introduces visitors to the microbes within their bodies. 
Review: Sacred Stories, Genetic Privacy Collide
Ajai Raj | Aug 17, 2015
Cherished myths and merciless facts clash in a one-act play.
Botanical Art
Kenny Coogan | Jul 9, 2015
Scientific illustrator Mindy Lighthipe’s interest in insects inspired her to begin drawing plants.
For the Love of Plants
Kenny Coogan | Jul 9, 2015
Meet botanical illustrator Mindy Lighthipe, who practices environmental activism through art.
TS Picks: May 26, 2015
Tracy Vence | May 26, 2015
Delayed citations; exploring the microbiome with art; why do scientists cheat?
Extremophiles on Display
Ashley P. Taylor | Apr 2, 2015
A new American Museum of Natural History exhibit highlights the incredible range of conditions under which life on Earth survives. 
Microbial Masterpieces
Jenny Rood | Feb 12, 2015
Artist Anicka Yi explores the beauty of bacteria.
Q&A: A Taste for Science
Tracy Vence | Feb 9, 2015
A conversation with biophysicist Christophe Lavelle
Sonic Experiment
Jef Akst | Jan 29, 2015
An artist takes advantage of muscle-mimicking polymers to manipulate sounds.
Neuroimaging Graces Times Square
Kerry Grens | Nov 26, 2014
A film showcasing stunning images of brain structures is lighting up New York City billboards for three minutes each night.
Inside a Painter’s Brain
Ajai Raj | Oct 24, 2014
Dean Cercone shares the cortical correlates of his creative process as part of a neuroscience-inspired exhibition.
Anatomical Art
Eli Chen | Jul 31, 2014
Through her Street Anatomy blog, medical illustrator Vanessa Ruiz has connected with a diverse array of arists who draw inspiration from the human body.