DNA computer
Making DNA Data Storage a Reality
Catherine Offord | Oct 1, 2017
A few kilograms of DNA could theoretically store all of humanity’s data, but there are practical challenges to overcome.
Researchers Hijack a Computer Using DNA Malware
Catherine Offord | Aug 11, 2017
Malicious code written with nucleic acids could one day threaten sequencing facilities, the team warns.
Q&A: Encoding a Classic Film, Computer Operating System in DNA
Joshua A. Krisch | Mar 2, 2017
A conversation with computer scientist Yaniv Erlich
Biological Programming
Tanya Lewis | Apr 1, 2016
A new tool makes programming living cells like writing computer software.
Living Transistors
Kate Yandell | Apr 1, 2013
Scientists are trying to turn cells into tiny computers.
DNA Machines Inch Forward
Sabrina Richards | Mar 5, 2013
Researchers are using DNA to compute, power, and sense.
DNA Hard Drive
Megan Scudellari | May 23, 2012
Researchers design the first rewritable biological data storage system.
DNA-based calculator
Jessica P. Johnson | Jun 7, 2011
The newest DNA computer can calculate square roots.