Dogs and Human Evolving Together
Dogs and Human Evolving Together
Dan Cossins | May 16, 2013
A sequencing study suggests that some genes have evolved in parallel in humans and their canine companions, likely as a result of shared selection pressures.
Dogs Adapted to Agriculture
Dogs Adapted to Agriculture
Ed Yong | Jan 23, 2013
As wolves became domesticated, their genes adapted to a starch-rich diet of human leftovers.
Dogs May Guard Against Asthma
Hayley Dunning | Jul 3, 2012
Mice become immune to a virus associated with childhood asthma when exposed to dust from homes that have dogs.
Hypoallergenic Dogs Overhyped?
Bob Grant | Sep 6, 2011
A study finds that homes with dogs billed as hypoallergenic harbor just as many allergens as those housing other breeds.