Book Excerpt from <em>Ecotourism’s Promise and Peril</em>
Book Excerpt from Ecotourism’s Promise and Peril
Daniel T. Blumstein, Benjamin Geffroy, Eduardo Bessa, Diogo S.M. Samia | Aug 10, 2017
In the introduction to the book, its editors lay out the case for taking a serious, and mechanistic, look at how visiting natural places for pleasure affects ecology and animal behavior.
Ecotourism: Biological Benefit or Bane?
Ecotourism: Biological Benefit or Bane?
Benjamin Geffroy, Daniel T. Blumstein, Eduardo Bessa, Diogo S.M. Samia | Aug 3, 2017
As nature-based tourism becomes more popular, considering the ecological effects of the practice becomes paramount.
Speaking of Science
Speaking of Science
The Scientist Staff | Nov 1, 2015
November 2015's selection of notable quotes
Rare Gorilla Encounter
Cristina Luiggi | Jan 6, 2012
American wildlife photographer sits in awe and disbelief as a troop of wild Ugandan mountain gorillas coddle and groom him.
Gorilla Warfare
Jef Akst | Oct 1, 2011
As ecotourism becomes more popular, wild apes are succumbing to human diseases.