Deliberating Over Danger
The Scientist Staff | Apr 1, 2012
The creation of H5N1 bird flu strains that are transmissible between mammals has thrown the scientific community into a heated debate about whether such research should be allowed and how it should be regulated.
Risky Research Review
Jef Akst | Mar 30, 2012
A new policy will require federal agencies to perform a careful review of research involving 15 pathogens and toxins that could be used for bioterrorism, including H5N1.
Bird Flu Research Reconsidered
Hannah Waters | Mar 1, 2012
Biosecurity agency will give controversial H5N1 bird flu research another look-over in light of new data and clarification.
Influenza Found in Bats
Jef Akst | Feb 28, 2012
A new subtype of the flu virus is identified in Guatemalan yellow-shouldered bats, and the virus may share its genes with the human version.
Bird Flu Prevalence Underestimated
Hannah Waters | Feb 23, 2012
Pooled data from H5N1 bird flu studies suggests that the World Health Organization may be underestimating infection and overestimating fatality.
Bird Flu Paper Publication Delayed
Jef Akst | Feb 17, 2012
The World Health Organization announced today that it recommends publishing the two controversial H5N1 papers in full, as soon as a few details are worked out. And Science is listening.
Experts Debate H5N1 Research
Megan Scudellari | Feb 17, 2012
A 2-day meeting may decide how much and which parts of 2 controversial H5N1 flu studies will be published.
Bird Flu Not Contagious Among People
Jef Akst | Jan 3, 2012
A Chinese health agency confirms that the strain of H5N1 bird flu that killed a Chinese man last month does not spread between humans.
A Universal Flu Vaccine?
Jef Akst | Jul 28, 2011
An antibody that binds 16 different flu viruses offers hope for the long-sought universal vaccine.