Bird Flu Maps
Bird Flu Maps
Rina Shaikh-Lesko | Jun 19, 2014
Researchers map regions in Asia with the highest risk for transmission of H7N9.
Famed Indian Biologist Dies
Famed Indian Biologist Dies
Chris Palmer | Aug 1, 2013
Obaid Siddiqi, regarded as one of the founders of modern biology in India, has passed away at age 81.
Speaking of Science
The Scientist Staff | Feb 1, 2012
February 2012's selection of notable quotes
Poor Drug Trial Policing in India
Megan Scudellari | Jan 20, 2012
Government doctors involved in unethical trials are fined ineffectively small amounts of money.
Is India Polio Free?
Cristina Luiggi | Jan 12, 2012
This week will mark the one-year anniversary of the last polio case in the second-most populous country.
US Visa Rules Hinder Science?
Megan Scudellari | Jul 25, 2011
Indian researchers argue that applying for new visas every year is an insult to international scientists.
Failed vaccine trial raises questions
Jef Akst | Jun 23, 2011
In contrast to yesterday’s news about the success of an HPV vaccine program in Australia, an Indian trial of the vaccine is stoking unfounded fear among the public and exposing some questionable ethical standards.