isotope testing
Forensics 2.0
Forensics 2.0
Bob Grant | Jan 1, 2017
Meet the researchers working to untangle the mystery of a Missouri home filled with bones by bringing cutting-edge technologies into the crime lab.
Infographic: Advancing Forensic Science
Infographic: Advancing Forensic Science
Bob Grant | Dec 31, 2016
Forensic scientists have been using rudimentary molecular techniques for decades. But advanced forensic anthropology technologies and
methods are just now coming to the fore in some investigations.
Coral Clocks
Coral Clocks
Kerry Grens | Mar 1, 2013
Uranium dating of coral tools used by the earliest settlers of the South Pacific island kingdom of Tonga offers unprecedented precision in reconstructing their history.
You Are Where You Eat
Sabrina Richards | Jul 1, 2012
Laser-based isotope detection systems are moving into the realm of food authentication.
Warm-Blooded Dinos?
Jef Akst | Jun 24, 2011
Evidence that large dinosaurs had body temperatures similar to modern-day mammals suggests they were either endothermic or extremely good at conserving body heat.
UK scraps nationality DNA-testing
Tia Ghose | Jun 20, 2011
The UK’s immigration agency has abandoned a program to develop DNA and isotope testing to assess the nationality of asylum seekers.