mammalian regeneration
RNA Injection Restores Hearing in Guinea Pigs
Abby Olena | Apr 18, 2018
Researchers deliver small interfering RNAs loaded into nanoparticles into the ears of adult guinea pigs to regenerate hair cells damaged by noise.
“Breakthrough” Tough to Reproduce
Kerry Grens | Apr 3, 2014
An independent group could not replicate the results of a highly cited heart regeneration protocol, while others say they have succeeded.  
Nailing Regeneration
Sabrina Richards | Jun 12, 2013
Researchers identify the signaling program that enables finger and toenail stem cells to direct digit regeneration after amputation.
Regenerating Rodent
Sabrina Richards | Sep 26, 2012
An African mouse can regenerate wounded skin without scarring, providing insight into how tissue regeneration can occur in mammals.