media relations
Getting the Word Out
Karen Zusi | Feb 1, 2016
In a shifting media landscape with a growing public interest in science, some researchers are doing their own PR.
Making a Case for Social Media
Erin Weeks | Sep 11, 2013
Twitter can help scientists build networks, develop ideas, and spread their work, report says.
Opinion: Tweeting to the Top
Sara K. Yeo et al. | Jul 2, 2013
The lines between scholarly and traditional forms of popular communication are fading, and scientists need to take advantage.
Gov’t Science and the Media
Bob Grant | Mar 15, 2013
Federal research agencies, such as the NIH, EPA, and NSF, are improving communication between their scientists and journalists, but most can do better.
Opinion: Scientists’ Intuitive Failures
Matthew C. Nisbet and Dietram A. Scheufele | Jul 23, 2012
Much of what researchers believe about the public and effective communication is wrong.
Gulf Oil Spill Failings
Cristina Luiggi | Apr 24, 2012
A marine scientist ponders how academics could have handled the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill better.
Canadian Scientists “Muzzled”
Hannah Waters | Feb 21, 2012
Governmental red tape blocks scientists from discussing their research with journalists, according to an open letter.