New York City
Bribes for Research Data
Bribes for Research Data
Kate Yandell | May 22, 2013
Three NIH-funded scientists have been arrested for sharing nonpublic data with a company and a Chinese government-sponsored institute.
Sandy’s Impact on Science
Sandy’s Impact on Science
Jef Akst | Nov 5, 2012
More stories surface about how last week’s super storm is affecting research up and down the coast—and how science is fighting back.
NYC Science Stunned by Sandy
NYC Science Stunned by Sandy
Dan Cossins | Nov 2, 2012
Super storm Sandy wreaks havoc on researchers across New York City, destroying samples, killing lab animals, and cutting power to much of Manhattan.
New York Higher Education Broil
Edyta Zielinska | Mar 26, 2012
Faculty at New York City’s public universities are suing their board of trustees over a new curriculum they say will harm science education.
Cornell to Build NYC Research Campus
Cristina Luiggi | Dec 21, 2011
New York City major names Cornell University as the winner of the year-long competition for rights to build a new sci-tech research facility in the city.
Proposals in for NYC Research Campus
Cristina Luiggi | Nov 1, 2011
With bids due last week, the city of New York City will now proceed to choose which university will get to build a high-tech research facility in the city.
NYC Lures Universities to Build Science Facility
Megan Scudellari | Jul 21, 2011
The city will provide cheap real estate and up to $100 million for a science and engineering campus.