ovarian cancer
<em>BRCA</em> Mutations Mapped
BRCA Mutations Mapped
Tracy Vence | Apr 8, 2015
In a large study, researchers find evidence to suggest that the type and location of a woman’s BRCA1/2 mutations may affect her cancer risk.
A Multi-Cancer Diagnostic?
A Multi-Cancer Diagnostic?
Kate Yandell | Jul 14, 2014
Researchers report an ability to detect several types of cancer in blood samples based on signatures of immune response, but some are skeptical about the utility of such a test.
Cancer Pioneer Dies
Cancer Pioneer Dies
Jef Akst | Dec 20, 2013
Janet Rowley, who earned fame for linking chromosomal abnormalities to cancer in the 1970s, has passed away at age 88 from ovarian cancer.
Ovarian Cancer Screen Shows Promise
Ovarian Cancer Screen Shows Promise
Chris Palmer | Aug 27, 2013
A blood test for the protein CA-125, coupled with a vaginal ultrasound, can help detect the difficult-to-spot cancer.
Cancer Gene Bonanza
Cancer Gene Bonanza
Ed Yong | Mar 27, 2013
International collaboration doubles the number of genetic regions associated with breast, prostate, and ovarian cancers.
Softness Indicates Metastatic Cells
Softness Indicates Metastatic Cells
Edyta Zielinska | Oct 15, 2012
The tenderness of cancer cells squeezed by a special apparatus can help pinpoint the ones most likely to spread the disease.
Mom’s Versus Dad’s BRCA
Cristina Luiggi | Dec 13, 2011
The age at which BRCA carriers are diagnosed with breast cancer may depend on which parent contributed the mutation.
Lighting Up Ovarian Cancer
Cristina Luiggi | Sep 20, 2011
A new technique that makes ovarian cancer cells glow white allow surgeons to better visualize the tumors they aim to remove.
Ovarian cancer forces into new tissues
Jessica P. Johnson | Jun 14, 2011
Ovarian tumor cells use cellular movement proteins to penetrate protective cell layers surrounding new target tissues during metastasis.