Pavlovian conditioning
Sniff While You Sleep
Sniff While You Sleep
Molly Sharlach | Nov 14, 2014
Smokers light up less after smelling cigarette smoke together with foul odors during sleep, a study shows.
Rat Odors Teach Fear
Rat Odors Teach Fear
Kerry Grens | Jul 30, 2014
Rodent pups can learn to fear a stimulus through the odor signals given by their mother.
Learning Addiction
Cristina Luiggi | Jul 14, 2011
Eleanor Simpson, a neuroscientist at Columbia University Medical Center, discusses a recent Nature paper that probes dopamine's role in helping animals make positive associations to stimuli that herald pleasurable outcomes (such as the handing out of food).
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Cristina Luiggi | Jul 1, 2011
Eleanor Simpson on how dopamine helps rats learn and may lead humans to addiction.