Ribosomal DNA Copy Numbers Decrease in Some Cancers
Abby Olena | Jun 22, 2017
An analysis of human cancer genome projects uncovers a counterintuitive loss of ribosomal gene copies.
The Regenerators
Amanda B. Keener | Sep 1, 2015
A molecular signature makes it possible to trace the details of hair cell replacement in the mammalian inner ear.
Cadherin Connection
Jyoti Madhusoodanan | Dec 1, 2014
A multitasking plasma membrane protein coordinates cell division and energy metabolism in healthy—and perhaps also cancerous—Drosophila cells.
Diabetes “Breakthrough” Breaks Up
Kerry Grens | Oct 27, 2014
A hormone thought to make murine insulin-secreting cells proliferate in mice did not perform in replication studies.