Forensics 2.0
Bob Grant | Jan 1, 2017
Meet the researchers working to untangle the mystery of a Missouri home filled with bones by bringing cutting-edge technologies into the crime lab.
Infographic: Advancing Forensic Science
Bob Grant | Dec 31, 2016
Forensic scientists have been using rudimentary molecular techniques for decades. But advanced forensic anthropology technologies and
methods are just now coming to the fore in some investigations.
Neanderthals Built Structures Underground
Bob Grant | May 31, 2016
A new analysis of stalagmites stacked deep within a French cave suggests that the ancient hominin was capable of planning and carrying out construction projects.
Jacob Hooker: Weaver of Brain Science
Bob Grant | Oct 1, 2015
Director of Radiochemistry, Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging; Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School. Age: 35
Desperately Seeking Radioisotopes
Robert E. Schenter | Jul 1, 2011
New strategies are needed to address the current and future shortages of radioisotopes that threaten medical research and treatment.