Image of the Day: Hell-Bent on Repopulation
Sukanya Charuchandra | Jul 23, 2018
Researchers will be releasing captive-grown eastern hellbenders in southern Indiana to help raise their numbers.
Robotic Orthotics Aid Gait in Kids with Cerebral Palsy
Aggie Mika | Aug 24, 2017
The wearable technology, akin to motorized leg braces, help children with physical disabilities extend their knees as they walk. 
Cellular Rehab
Elie Dolgin | Dec 1, 2015
Physical therapy and exercise are critical to the success of cell therapies approaching the clinic.
Modern Rehab
The Scientist Staff | Nov 30, 2015
See the soldier whose recovery from a debilitating muscle injury was greatly aided by a cellular therapy plus physical therapy.
Imperiled Penguins
The Scientist Staff | Sep 30, 2015
See the volunteers and veterinarians who are helping to rehabilitate wayward penguins that wash up on the coast of Brazil.
Reforming Research Cheats
Dan Cossins | Jan 9, 2013
A new ethics course aims to rehabilitate scientists found guilty of misconduct so they can return to the field as productive researchers.
Active Brains Help Heal Paralysis
Sabrina Richards | May 31, 2012
Engaging the brain with cognitive tasks helps paralyzed rats walk again.