Researchers Develop a Drug Against the Common Cold
Catherine Offord | May 15, 2018
In an in vitro study, the compound completely blocked the replication of rhinoviruses.
Where Rhinovirus Replicates Best
Tracy Vence | Jan 6, 2015
A mouse study shows that the common cold-causing virus replicates better in the cooler nasal cavity than in the warmer lung.
Hold Off on Valentine’s Canoodling
Bob Grant | Feb 13, 2013
A healthcare professional warns that cold and flu seasons peak in mid-February, so it may be wise take a rain check on kissing, cuddling, and pillow sharing today.
A Chill Issue
Mary Beth Aberlin | Feb 1, 2013
The very cold, the merely chilled, and the colorful
Catching the Cold
Fred Adler | Feb 1, 2013
Tracking the genetic diversity and evolution of rhinoviruses can lead to a better understanding of viral evolution, the common cold, and more dangerous infections.
Rhinoviruses Exposed
Fred Adler | Jan 31, 2013
Some of these insidious viruses expertly subvert the host immune system, allowing their unhindered proliferation.