New Genus of Bat
New Genus of Bat
Jef Akst | Apr 11, 2013
In South Sudan, researchers discover another specimen that they’ve classified into an entirely new genus of the flying mammal.
Meet the Lady Gaga Ferns
Meet the Lady Gaga Ferns
Bob Grant | Oct 26, 2012
Culturally conscious researchers name a new plant genus after the reigning queen of pop.
Bugging the Digital World
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 28, 2012
Young entrepreneurs are creating a digital, 3-D encyclopedia of insects that doubles as a free field guide.
Budget Cuts Shutter Biodiversity Program
Edyta Zielinska | Jan 16, 2012
The US Geological Survey’s database, a compendium of biodiversity information, will be shut down this month due to a slashed 2012 budget.
Opinion: Exploring a Little-Known Planet
Edward O. Wilson | Oct 1, 2011
Cataloging the staggering richness of Earth’s species will have multiple payoffs.
86 Percent of Eukaryotes Undiscovered
Jef Akst | Aug 24, 2011
A new estimate of eukaryotic diversity suggests a total of 8.7 million species. So far, scientists have discovered only 1.2 million of them.
Character Flaws?
Vanessa Schipani | Mar 1, 2011
Two lizard taxonomists champion the use of Bayesian species delimitation to settle taxonomic debates.