Hormonal Male Contraceptive to Enter Clinical Trial
Hormonal Male Contraceptive to Enter Clinical Trial
Jef Akst | Dec 21, 2017
The gel, which men rub on their upper bodies daily, delivers synthetic progestin to block the testes from producing normal levels of sperm.
Book Excerpt from <em>Testosterone Rex</em>
Book Excerpt from Testosterone Rex
Cordelia Fine | Dec 31, 2016
In Chapter 6, “The Hormonal Essence of the T-Rex?” author Cordelia Fine considers the biological dogma that testes, and the powerful hormones they exude, are the root of all sexual inequality.
Capsule Reviews
Capsule Reviews
Bob Grant | Jul 1, 2015
Stoned, Anxious, The Deeper Genome, and Testosterone
Autism-Hormone Link Found
Autism-Hormone Link Found
Bob Grant | Jun 4, 2014
A study documents boys with autism who were exposed to elevated levels of testosterone, cortisol, and other hormones in utero.
A Hair-Raising Solution?
A Hair-Raising Solution?
Dan Cossins | Sep 1, 2013
In the long-fought battle against baldness, researchers are finally identifying molecular pathways that can be manipulated to generate new hair follicles.
Book Excerpt from The Hour Between Dog and Wolf
John Coates | Sep 5, 2012
In his latest book, author John Coates describes the tension and exultation of the trading floor from a biological perspective.
Sex, Deconstructed
Megan Scudellari | Feb 2, 2012
Hormones in the brain control sex-specific behaviors by activating individual genetic programs.
The Ups and Downs of Fatherhood
Cristina Luiggi | Sep 13, 2011
Caring for a child can suppress testosterone levels in men.
Digit Ratio and Sex Hormones
Tia Ghose | Sep 6, 2011
Men and women may have different finger-length ratios as a result of different sex hormone exposure during early embryonic development.