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Image of the Day: Design Challenge
Chia-Yi Hou | Jul 9, 2019
An online video game helps researchers create strategies for creating RNA.
Gamers Solve RNA Structures
Abby Olena | Jan 28, 2014
An online competition gives citizen scientists a chance to design RNA molecules to generate a target structure.
Video Game Boosts Multitasking Skills
Chris Palmer | Sep 4, 2013
Training for several hours with a racing video game improves the multitasking abilities of 60- to 85-year-olds for up to six months.
Playing for Words
Edyta Zielinska | Feb 28, 2013
Children with dyslexia have an easier time learning to read after playing action video games that don’t incorporate reading.
Gaming with Autism
Micah Mazurek | Jan 1, 2013
Screen-based technologies show promise for autism intervention—but research is still needed to evaluate both the benefits and the possible negative effects.
Games for Science
The Scientist Staff | Jan 1, 2013
Scientists are using video games to tap the collective intelligence of people around the world, while doctors and educators are turning to games to treat and teach.
Toying with RNA
Hayley Dunning | Jun 26, 2012
A new online game challenges users to design RNA sequences with the opportunity to have them brought to life.
Video Gamers Help Solve Disease
Jef Akst | Dec 20, 2011
The collective intelligence of thousands of video game players is helping researchers understand the regulation of more than 500 different disease genes.