The Wound Microbiome
The Wound Microbiome
Kerry Grens | Jun 23, 2014
Determining which critters are present in an infected wound could aid in treatment, particularly of soldiers injured in combat.
The Price of DNA IDs
The Price of DNA IDs
Jef Akst | Sep 16, 2013
Following natural disasters or violent political turmoil, DNA science can help identify victims. But what if a country can’t afford the technology?
The Stuff of Nightmares
Cristina Luiggi | Aug 1, 2012
Researchers working in war-torn countries find hints to the molecular roots of posttraumatic stress disorder.
War-born Climate Change
Edyta Zielinska | Jul 3, 2012
A nuclear war could have profound effects on crops yields around the world, according to a new study.
Can War Injuries Spawn Massacres?
Bob Grant | Mar 21, 2012
Recent research on the neurological effects of combat might play a role in the defense trial of a US Army soldier who is accused killed 16 Afghan civilians.
Soldiers' Amygdalae Show Scars
Kerry Grens | Aug 30, 2011
A year and a half after soldiers have returned from war, impairments in the regulatory circuitry of the amygdala remain.
Climate Stirs Civil Conflict
Jef Akst | Aug 26, 2011
Civil unrest is twice as likely during warm El Niño years.