The Human Microbiome: Colonization in Health and Disease from thescientistllc on Vimeo.

The moment we enter the world, we are inhabited by a plethora of microbes. This microbial colonization changes throughout our life and is impacted by where we grow up, and what we touch, eat, and experience. Events like a fever or a course of antibiotics can cause sudden shifts in our microbiomes, with effects that may last for years or even a lifetime. Join The Scientist as we navigate the human microbiome by bringing together a panel of experts to discuss how microbiota impact human health. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the experts, ask questions, and seek advice on topics that are related to their research.

Topics to be covered:

  • Better living through gut microbes
  • Uncovering the world of the vaginal microbiome

Meet the Speakers:

Peter Turnbaugh, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Microbiology and...

Elisabeth Bik, PhD
Scientific Editorial Director

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