By Eric Albert

1 Pharynx and upper larynx, trachea, and esophagus
4 Protein synthesis site
9 Its atomic weight is 114.82
10 Kind of retinal cell
12 Act of separating, elaborating, and releasing a substance
13 Plane surface of a crystal
15 Lymph's liquid part
17 Water is a good one
18 Of the esophageal portion of the stomach
20 Sugar, before hydrolyzation
23 Organ a salmon uses to find its way home
24 ATP component
27 Having the same osmotic pressure
28 Phenomena-detecting device
29 Gonadal steroid
30 What the uvula's attached to
1 Glyceraldehyde, for one
2 Free ____
3 Not chronic
5It protects us from pathogens
6 Tumor
7 Redox catalyst
8 Substance that appears periodically?
11 Lactose, for one
14 Elbow, in Latin
16 Leg part
18 Thrush fungus
19 Exhibit an answering action
21Point of overlap of paired chromatids...

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